Triggers in Salesforce and it’s Order of Execution

When a record is saved with an insert, update, or upsert statement, the following events occur in order: The original record is loaded from the database or initialized for in case of an insert statement. The new record field values are loaded from the request and overwrite the old values. System validation occurs, such as… Read More »

Before Delete Trigger in Salesforce

Requirement: Write a Trigger on Employee custom Object -> The requirement is that the trigger should prevent Delete operation on Employee custom Object if a particular field(i.e., canDelete__c) is not checked. Object Schema:             Solution: trigger DeleteEmployeeTrigger on Employee__c (before delete) { if(Trigger.isDelete){ for(Employee__c anEmployee : Trigger.old){ if(!anEmployee.canDelete__c){ anEmployee.addError(‘Cannot delete Employee: ‘ + anEmployee.First_Name__c… Read More »

Version Controlling in Salesforce with Git + Eclipse

I always prefer version control while doing coding. I can’t think of writing code without version controlling. But when I moved to Salesforce, the first thing that I was looking for is the version controlling to have better source code control. I worked with many version controlling tools like CVS, SVN etc. But I personally feel Git is the… Read More »

Completed “Principles of Reactive Programming” course

Today morning, I received the statement of accomplishment with Distinction from Coursera after successfully completion of the course “Principles of Reactive Programming“. This course was  taught by — “Erik Meijer, Martin Odersky, Roland Kuhn” Here is my certificate: Principles of Reactive Programming I would request everyone who loves Reactive programming, please go and check this MOOC. You… Read More »

Technology Trend from JavaWorld

Very well said. 2014 is really going to be a great year for Tech Guys. Happy Coding

Correct and Best way to implement Singleton Pattern in Java

Hi Guys, This post is about the efficient way of implementing Singleton Pattern in Java. We all know that we can create private constructor/static factory method to create the Singleton Pattern, but today I will tell you what are the problems of that approach and how Enum can be used to create Singleton Pattern in… Read More »

Future in Scala

Hi Guys, This post is all about Future in Scala. I think the documentation that Scala is having is the best. You can go through the documentation @ I would recommend to look at this one also @ The intention of this post is to create a very basic example to get more familiar with Scala’s… Read More »

Emptiness in Scala

When we are dealing with Scala, it’s very important to understand how we can represent “EMPTY” in Scala. It is one of the very basic understanding that each Scala developer should have. If you are coming from Java background, then you already very much familiar with how null is getting treated in Java(How painful this… Read More »

Google Search : Reunion

Awesome video from Google. The caption says: “Partitions divide countries, friendships find a way The India-Pakistan partition in 1947 separated many friends and families overnight. A granddaughter in India decides to surprise her grandfather on his birthday by reuniting him with his childhood friend (who is now in Pakistan) after over 6 decades of separation,… Read More »

Introduction to Reactive Programming by James Ward

James Ward comes with another awesome tutorial on reactive programming. Here is the link Reactive programming is really very interesting ….